Cairngorms in Fall – Multiple Exposures

Golden, Craigellachie Reserve (photograph copyright 2016 Arthur D. Marshall)

Golden, Craigellachie Reserve

I was privileged to spend the last week of October in the Cairngorms, Scotland. Based out of Aviemore, on a trip with Light and Land, the colours were at their peak.

Dancing Leaves (photograph copyright 2016 Arthur D. Marshall)

Dancing Leaves

Leading this tour were Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey, both accomplished photographers and excellent teachers; both known for their work with multiple exposures and motion blur.

Near and Far (photograph copyright 2016 Arthur D. Marshall)

Near and Far

Recently, I’ve been dabbling with in-camera multiple exposures. Although I took a few “straight” landscape shots during the trip, most of the time I found myself using the multiple exposure mode of my Canon 7D Mark II. To see more of the results, follow this link to Flickr.

Loch Pityoulish (photograph copyright 2016 Arthur D. Marshall)

Loch Pityoulish

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