Lake District In Winter

Muddy Manesty Meadow (photograph copyright 2016 Arthur D. Marshall)

Muddy Manesty Meadow

The Lake District can be a wet place. Recently, they’ve had disastrous flooding. The day we arrived, the weather forecast called for a week of overcast skies and solid rain.

Manesty Trees (photograph copyright 2016 Arthur D. Marshall)

Manesty Trees

We spent much of our first photo outing huddled in our vehicles while the heavens emptied. Thankfully, the forecast improved and the weather during the rest of the week was excellent for photography.

Grass (photograph copyright 2016 Arthur D. Marshall)


Once more on a tour led by Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey, once more experimenting with multiple exposures. It’s difficult, practicing new techniques – initial results very often disappointing, hard to resist falling back into the old routine. But it is the only way to progress.

Derwent Crossing (photograph copyright 2016 Arthur D. Marshall)

Derwent Crossing

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