Welcome to A Different Light

Thanks for stopping by.  “A Different Light” is an effort to stay motivated and keep my photography fresh.  A reason to keep posting photos.  A diary of my photo experiences.

It’ll also give me a way to put my two cents out there when I find a really good (or really bad) piece of photo equipment / software package / workshop / you-name-it.  It’s no fun spending hard earned cash or wasting time on a product that’s not worth it, and it’s hard to find reviews from unbiased (or noncommercial) sources.

Invitation ( photograph copyright Arthur Marshall )


In the long run, I’d love to put up some tutorials in niche areas where they’re lacking. Video tutorials, no less.

All that and a day job (and still find time to take pictures)!  We’ll see how it goes.

Check back soon. In the meantime, browse over to my image gallery www.amarshall.ca.